Rancho Shocks

Rancho shocks – a well known label of suspension, shocks around the world – came into this world from the fifties in Long Beach, Calif and rapidly expanded to a successful off-road and performance suspension parts producer. In 1988, Rancho introduced what would later turn out to be its best-selling shock absorber: the RS5000.

Rancho shocks RS5000 line continues to be the great shock preferred by mild trucks and sport utility vehicles since 1985. Designed for stock and lifted applications, RS5000 is great for off and on-road use, at a reasonable cost. Included in Rancho’s limited lifetime warranty. The RS5000 shock is a premium (nearly general-purpose) shock usually set up for a better-than-factory replacement for cars or trucks with worn out shocks or enhanced suspensions. The RS5000 was created to give convenience and control over the driving variety from road to mild off-road.

Rancho RS9000XL shocks
The flexibility from the Rancho RS9000XL shocks provides the efficiency of nine shocks in a single really flexible offer. The Rancho MyRide adjusting technology gives you to be able to choose 9 various degrees of performance or ride quality – easily adjusting to any driving situation. The RS9000XL shock manually-tuned control system enables the driver totally control over the softness or firmness of the piston movement. This gives the largest choice of comfort and control over the driving variety from road to extreme off-road. Quality of ride could be placed soft for highway traveling, moderate for city traveling, and firm for off-road traveling. The 9 possible options will satisfy any drivers even the most picky car owner. Along with manual adjusting, an additional remote control device is offered that enables the shocks to get altered with the touch of a button. The RS9000XL was created with today’s larger trucks under consideration. Created close to a 2.75-in (70mm) shock body, the RS9000XL shock provides either efficiency and look for your truck and SUV.